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NautaDutilh's Corporate Investigations team has extensive experience in conducting complex and sensitive internal investigations for clients in many sectors to follow up indications of potential irregularities.

We have helped numerous clients set up and conduct an appropriate internal investigation. Working with IT specialists and forensic accountants, our lawyers can also provide advice on electronic data protection and analysis. They are experts in interviewing witnesses and highly skilled in accurately reporting findings of facts. In addition, our lawyers know how to follow up on the results of an internal investigation. That includes recovering any loss or damage, advising on disciplinary measures, and negotiating with the regulatory authorities or the Public Prosecution Service. Avoiding publicity is of course crucial in all of this. Our Corporate Investigations team supervise and, where necessary, drive the entire process, from the initial measures when a potential irregularity first comes to light to an effective solution.

Extensive support for leading organisations

NautaDutilh has experience in investigating cases relating to tax fraud, money laundering, FCPA and UK Bribery Act-related corruption investigations, and sanctions violations. We also investigate, for example, violations of the Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act) and or sector-specific (disciplinary and supervisory) regulations. Our clients are leading (listed) companies, banks, and government institutions.

Shadow investigations
Our lawyers are well-versed in the professional rules for auditors for dealing with suspicions of non-compliance and fraud in the context of a statutory audit. As part of the internal audits that we conduct for corporate clients, we liaise closely with the auditors in order for the annual accounts process to be properly completed and to protect the confidentiality of the audit as much as possible. We also advise audit firms on the performance of shadow investigations, including on complex confidentiality agreements and information sharing, and on the scope and approach to be adopted. Our lawyers regularly maintain contact with the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA) about, for example, the role of attorney-client privilege in audits of financial statements.

Way of working tailored to each specific case
We work daily and seamlessly with experts in various areas of the law (business law, employment law, privacy law), forensic experts, foreign lawyers, internal or external auditors, and compliance professionals. The set-up of the audit team varies: we will either collaborate with the client's staff departments (such as Compliance or Internal Audit staff) or forensic accountants, or set up our own team, depending on the case. NautaDutilh conducts internal investigations with great care and so draws up a plan of action for each investigation, covering aspects such as hearing both sides of the argument and detailing the reporting method. In doing so we will of course draw on past experience.

Thorough and fast approach
We combine speed with thoroughness. Our focus is on minimising any disruption to day-to-day operations. Confidentiality is our starting point. Our reports vary from being extensive and detailed for regulatory authorities to being brief or even verbal if the matter is highly urgent. 

Experts in legal embedding
Our lawyers are experts in the legal aspects of internal investigations, as shown by publications and presentations at conferences about complex settlements with the Public Prosecution Service, but also about privacy law, internal investigations by lawyers, and standard texts in the area of accounting law.

NautaDutilh's Corporate Crime Team
Our Corporate Crime team comprises 20 criminal lawyers, who are known for their pragmatic and hands-on approach. We have 25 years of experience in financial and economic sanctions law and administrative law. Led by three of the firm’s female partners, the team also definitely promotes female leadership. 

Our team in the news and publications:

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What others say

Our Corporate Crime team has been ranked Tier 1 in the Legal 500 for many years now. 

  • "NautaDutilh provide a premier white-collar crime service. They have deep market knowledge and are instructed on a range of high profile cross-border matters. The team is collegiate and user friendly and adds tremendous value as part of an international consortium of law firms on cross-border matters." (Legal500 2020)
  • "An experienced and dedicated team who are serving the client efficiently and effectively with a strong focus on delivery." (Legal500 2020)
  • "Direct, clear, to the point, no ambiguity or unnecessary wording or clouding of the message. Mature response/discussion when challenged (including on fees)." (Legal500 2019)
  • "Intelligent and strategic thinkers who make the right decisions for the benefit of their clients!" (Legal500 2020)


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