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On 23 November, Mariebelle Timmermans received the 'Upcoming Talent of the Year 2023' award from Stichting Legal Women. The award was presented during an event at the Hoge Raad in The Hague. Mariebelle was one of six finalists who had been selected to give a pitch on why they were the right choice for the title of Upcoming Talent 2023, after being nominated by one of our clients.

"Huge congratulations to Mariebelle! Her recognition highlights both her exceptional legal talent and her commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality. It also exemplifies the core principles that define our firm. We couldn’t be more proud. We prioritise attracting and retaining talent, knowing that the growth of our firm is inextricably linked to individuals who choose to bring their skills and dedication to our multidisciplinary team", says managing partner Lieke van der Velden.

About Stichting Legal Women
Stichting Legal Women provides a platform for female legal professionals to exchange information, transfer knowledge, discuss, share experiences and network. The election encouraged nominations for Legal Woman of the Year (experienced lawyers) and Upcoming Talent of the Year (less than seven years of experience), with the aim of making a positive contribution to diversity and excellence within the legal community. The focus was on recognising top female legal talent with an impact on business or society and a unique vision.

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