ESG engagement is often achieved through sustainable finance projects.

The energy transition requires extensive funding, as does technical innovation to support the deeply required change. Many market parties and institutional investors are interested to provide sustainable financing. Mainstream finance is also rapidly incorporating changing requirements that take into account these funding needs while at the same time contributing to sustainability goals. New sustainability-linked forms of finance are on the rise.

We can assist you on the following topics

  • Funding for ESG projects

    We see that many of our longstanding clients as well as new clients and initiatives are creating innovative ESG-related projects and have strong appetite for sustainable finance projects.

    Our team of experts can:

    • Negotiate and draft funding documentation (LMA and other) for sustainable projects, with ESG-related targets translated into financial conditions of the funding structure
    • Provide extensive expertise on sustainable mortgages – we are partner to the Dutch Energy Efficient Mortgage Hub
    • Set up sustainable investment and impact funds (including all corporate and tax structuring aspects) and draft ESG-related documentation
    • Advise on the structure and documentation pertaining to renewable energy and energy transition project funding
  • Green Bonds and Sustainability Linked Bonds

    Debt instruments that are specifically earmarked to raise funds for - or refinance - climate and environmental projects are increasingly popular with investors. We have a strong track record advising issuers, underwriters, and project developers on green bonds, sustainability-linked notes and other financing products that serve ESG purposes.

    Our team of experts can:

    • Advise on structuring and issuance of green and sustainability-linked bonds
    • Review and draft applicable bond documentation and related agreements
    • Draft the prospectus and ensure market standard disclosures
    • Assist with the prospectus approval process

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