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Inspections and fines by the Inspectorate for Social Affairs and Employment loom in 2020 for businesses that do not identify and evaluate their risks.

"Less than half of all businesses have drawn up a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). Small businesses in particular often fail to do so. That's why the Inspectorate will be stepping up its information and enforcement efforts this year, particularly where there are risks." (inspectieszw.nl)

But there's a better reason to identify and evaluate your risks than fear of being fined, and that is your inherent ambition to safeguard the safety of your business, your employees and your surroundings. Health and safety are equally important to us, and we will be only too happy to assist you.

An RI&E consists of two parts: an investigation determining whether the work of your business poses a danger or is hazardous to your employees' health, and an action plan for dealing with the outcomes of this investigation. Put simply, the RI&E is a list of all of your business's health and safety risks and how you plan to limit or manage them. Under Article 5 of the Dutch Working Conditions Act, every business with employees must in principle have a written RI&E.

Last month, the Inspectorate reported that fifty percent of all businesses do not have an up-to-date RI&E, even though the Inspector General thinks that they desperately need one: ‘The importance of an RI&E must be perfectly obvious to every business. Businesses that refuse to take it seriously and cannot produce an RI&E will be fined’, inspectieszw.nl. Please beware and take good care.

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