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We assisted:

  • Handling all claims for a world-leading pharmaceutical company linked to the use of its Covid-19 vaccine in the Benelux.
  • Large medical device company in product liability litigation
  • Representing a major pharmaceutical complaint in ICC arbitration against a global listed pharmaceutical company. Astellas against claims relating to alleged adverse events of an incontinence drug
  • Boehringer Ingelheim in obtaining a cross-border injunction in the Netherlands against patent infringement by Teva in Portugal
  • Boehringer Ingelheim in its life cycle management for several medicinal products
  • Cosmo Technologies Ltd in ground-breaking appeal proceedings against MEB
  • Eli Lilly in multiple court proceedings initiated by patients relating to an alleged breach of pharmacovigilance duties and and high profile product liability cases
  • Galenicum Health in its cross bordre patent litigation against Insud Pharma
  • Gilead in relation to the launch of its new product SOVALDI™
  • GlaxoSmithKline in high profile product liability cases
  • Heraeus in its global litigation against Biomet Zimmer
  • Medac in the Dutch chapter of cross-border patent litigation initiated by Accord Healthcare Ltd. regarding an auto-inflammatory pharmaceutical drug.
  • Pfizer in defence against claims relating to alleged adverse events of a contraception drug
  • Sanofi Pasteur MSD in various regulatory and compliance matters
  • Stichting DES Centrum on the ground-breaking settlement with pharmaceutical companies relating to the adverse events of DES

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