The new edition of ‘Kort begrip van het intellectuele eigendomsrecht’ (Kort Begrip) was published in September 2022. Anne Marie Verschuur is one of two co-editors of this Dutch IP handbook, and Anne Marie and Jeroen Boelens contributed as authors.

Kort Begrip provides a complete overview of the intellectual property law topics that matter in practice, illustrated by relevant case law.

A bit of history
'Kort begrip' is one of the oldest Dutch publications on IP. The first edition, written by W.H. Drucker, was published in 1929 and was called ‘Kort begrip van het recht betreffende den industrieelen eigendom’. Our involvement in this well-known Dutch academic handbook goes back a long way. In 1966, former Amsterdam partner Leo Wichers Hoeth edited the fourth edition, and continued to do so until the sixth edition in 1984. As of the seventh edition, Charles Gielen took on the (partial) editing and final editing up to and including the twelfth edition in 2017. When Charles took over, he involved other authors (many of them lawyers in our firm). He was succeeded as editor by Anne Marie Verschuur and professor in Intellectual Property Law, Paul Geerts.

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