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Legal proceedings, sometimes, are unavoidable. It is a case of ‘drawing a line in the sand’. Our clients want a result, not a surprise. They want a result that meets their expectations. A ruling or settlement that allows them to return their attention to their business. That is why we tailor our approach to the situation. Aggressive when called for, and more relaxed where lenience is felt to serve the end result better.

NautaDutilh has the largest litigation practice of all law firms in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our litigation practice has formed the pillar of NautaDutilh since its establishment in 1724. We have, as our rankings testify, nationally and internationally recognised specialists in all areas of law. Our lawyers act for corporate and financial clients, whether representing the plaintiff or the defendant. We represent clients in all tiers of the judicial system; the district court, high court, the Supreme Court as well as in the national and international arbitration systems.

Cases we handle include transactions; directors', officers' and other professionals' liability; intellectual property; insurance issues; commercial contracts; restructurings within and outside bankruptcy and mass litigation (class action). In each of these areas we combine extensive experience with in-depth knowledge. Our international orientation provides us with the tools and understanding required to meet the expectations of our foreign and domestic clients and bridge any differences in (legal) culture.

Our way: co-creation

Court judges and arbitrators are not specialists on every subject. Therefore, obtaining a ruling in the client's favour starts with a clear presentation of the facts, even if those facts are complex and elaborate. It is important to be selective and not to get distracted by immaterial details. The result of a court case depends on good co-operation with our clients, whether they be legal professionals from home or abroad, corporate lawyers, or company directors. Empathy and knowledge of the markets in which our clients operate help make the co-operation more enjoyable and ultimately more efficient. We assist our clients in a very real sense, by taking the lead and not hesitating where necessary to steer towards tactical and strategic decisions when much is at stake.

Quality requires commitment

The quality of our lawyers is visible in the quality of our work. It is the quality of the professional that enables us to get the most out of a case. Quality may appear to be self-evident, but it is not. Real quality requires a sincere commitment and a respect for the law. Both qualities are reflected in the leading role that our lawyers play in the study of law, specialist associations, legislative committees and education. We are continually involved in preparing and formulating new laws. It is this aspect of our work that makes us creative, particularly in finding solutions to challenging cases.

Practice areas

  • Arbitration / BIT
  • Internal investigations
  • Financial litigation
  • Restructuring & insolvency
  • Tax Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Professional Liability
  • Mass Litigation / Class Action & Collective Settlements
  • Officers' Liability
  • Mediation / ADR
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Fraud & White Collar Crime related Litigation
  • Board room counseling
  • Telecom, Media & Technology Litigation
  • Supreme Court Litigation
  • Transaction related Litigation
  • Commercial Disputes & Contract Litigation
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure Litigation
  • Competition
  • Insurance & Liability
  • Corporate Litigation 
  • EU Litigation (CJEU and General Court of the EU)

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