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NautaDutilh assisted Nobian, a European leader in the production of essential bulk chemicals for industries and experienced in large-scale electrolysis, with respect to the set-up of the new joint venture Hydrogen Chemistry Company (HyCC).

HyCC will provide safe, reliable, and affordable green hydrogen solutions to help decarbonise large industries such as aviation, steel, chemicals and refineries. For this joint venture, Nobian joins forces with Macquarie's Green Investment Group (GIG), which brings additional resources and development experience into the joint venture.

The NautaDutilh team was led by Joost Kooren with the assistance of Ernst van de Luijtgaarden, Aira Scheijvens, Ruben Martens, Oussama Chraibi, Ruben Rekers, Nina Kielman, Ash Beesemer, Arnout Koeman, Jasmijn van Koetsveld and Stephan Sluiter. The team was under supervision of Private Equity partner, Gaike Dalenoord.

We are very excited that we are standing at the cradle of this joint venture, which was signed last December.
Partner Gaike Dalenoord

"We are very excited that we are standing at the cradle of this joint venture, which was signed last December. Nobian will contribute its industrial and chemical (in particular its electrolysis and hydrogen at large scale) engineering expertise to the JV, where Macquarie -through its Green Investment Group - contributes the required funding to kick start this innovative and new enterprise and going forward its expertise in structuring and financing large and green industry and infrastructure projects. Europe is now switching into highest gear in its ambition to electrify its economy with hydrogen being one of the key elements. We expect more exciting news coming from this joint venture soon after the closing which is expected in Q1 says" Gaike.

Articles about this topic can be found on the website of the FD, NRC and Volkskrant.

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