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"Sometimes it can be better for a client to make a statement instead of automatically invoking his right to remain silent", says Francien Rense in conversation with Bas van Zelst in NOvUM a new series of webvideos by the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten.

In this video Francien discusses the role of the criminal lawyer in criminal proceedings. According to Francien, it is a criminal lawyer’s duty to discuss the defence position with the client in all aspects, instead of focussing at procedural topics and automatically using the same legal tricks to try to turn the trial to your advantage. The criminal proceedings should result in taking responsibility and showing accountability of all the parties involved and in all aspects.

Judges these days also ask more from a suspect in terms of answers, responsibility and accountability
Partner Francien Rense

"Facilitating that, I believe, is in the interest of the client and ultimately society. Note that judges these days also ask more from a suspect in terms of answers, responsibility and accountability. Then silence, or not showing up is even counterproductive.”

Watch the whole video here.

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