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Next week, Marike Bakker and Francien Rense will be speakers at the Anti Money Laundering Online Summit 2021 organised by the Dutch Compliance Institute.

On 22 June, together with 3 other AML experts, Marike will join the 'Talk of the Town' show to discuss recent developments in anti-money laundering compliance and enforcement, relating to themes such as individual's liability, virtual currencies and artificial intelligence. On 24 June, Marike and Francien will host a webinar on that first topic: individual's liability. They will dive into and further discuss the question if, and if so, under which circumstances, individuals can be held personally liable and could expect prosecution, in case of a money laundering incident.

Individual's liability is increasingly relevant when legal entities are suspected of money laundering
Managing partner Marike Bakker

'Individual's liability is increasingly relevant when legal entities are suspected of money laundering,' says Marike. 'High profile cases, such as the criminal investigation into the former CEO of ING Bank which made global headlines last year, have put the issue firmly at the top of the agenda for directors and compliance officers. During the webinar, we will update attendees on the latest developments and provide them with the tools to verify whether their company's checks and balances are still up to date.'

'One of the aspects that comes into play here is that money laundering and personal liability in that regard have increasingly come under scrutiny of the public and authorities,' adds Francien. 'Especially, when taking into account reputational risks as well, it is even more important that management updates its knowledge of relevant guidelines and best practices. Our team is well positioned to advise and train management and compliance teams in this respect, and this webinar is just one of the ways in which we gladly inform them. We also look forward to hearing from the attendees what challenges they encounter in practice, as this will help us to further tailor our advice and guidance.'

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