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On 1 June 2023, we hosted the annual JINC 'Baas van Morgen' event. The theme for this year's event was 'Girls Only', and we had the pleasure of hosting Anissah and Rochelle, both 11 year old girls from Amsterdam.

They started the day at an external conference location, where Annisah, Rochelle, and Managing Partner Sjoerd Meijer attended a mini-conference and dance workshop. In the afternoon, the students joined the partnerlunch at our Amsterdam office. They introduced themselves and sought input on how to create an inclusive environment at our firm that encourages women of all ages and backgrounds to thrive in the long term. Later on, they gathered valuable insights from other colleagues in their very own boardroom and concluded the day with a presentation of their outcomes.

Key takeaways

Their most significant recommendation emphasised the importance of embracing a working environment where the unique character traits of women prevail. They believed that this would greatly enhance decision-making processes. To achieve this, they suggested focusing on leadership training, implementing mentorship programs, and recognising women with outstanding leadership skills.

In addition to these strategic recommendations, they also proposed some practical ideas to make women feel more welcome in the office. These suggestions include making sheer tights and sanitary towels available, organising on-site childcare with a subscription option to lower costs for working parents, and creating a meditation room for stress relief. The meditation room would be designed to provide a cozy environment with soothing music and even an office pet. It's worth noting that these last two suggestions would have a positive impact on all employees, not just women.

We want to thank Anissah and Rochelle for their refreshing and innovative ideas. Their insights will be taken to heart, and we are committed to implementing them to foster an inclusive and supportive workplace at NautaDutilh.

At NautaDutilh, one of our focus areas is empowering the next generation to make up their own mind, not teaching them what to think
Managing partner Sjoerd Meijer

"We support this JINC project dearly because it focuses on empowering children in their school and career path," says Sjoerd Meijer. "At NautaDutilh, one of our focus areas is empowering the next generation to make up their own mind, not teaching them what to think. So, I am very much looking forward to spending the day with these girls and hearing their refreshing and inspiring ideas."

About JINC and the Boss of Tomorrow

JINC strives for a society in which a child's background does not determine their future and in which every child gets a fair chance. In order to reach that goal, they help young people between the ages of eight and sixteen get a good start in the labour market. They do this by introducing children to all kinds of professions and companies, letting them discover which work suits their talents and teaching them how to apply for a job.

One of the ways JINC introduces children to companies is the annual 'Boss of Tomorrow' event when over 550 children experience what it is like to be the boss. In addition to the Managing Partner of NautaDutilh, 450 other CEOs, directors and politicians will let children from primary and secondary schools take over their seat at the table. During this 'one day internship' the children see from the inside how a company works, and the Dutch bosses of today receive advice from the bosses of tomorrow.

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