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Today, elementary school students Charley (11), Azra (11) and Renouska (12) took over the role of our managing partner Petra Zijp for one day, as part of the 'Boss of Tomorrow' event, an initiative of our CSR partner JINC in which NautaDutilh participates for the sixth time.

As 'Boss of Tomorrow', children experience what it is like to be in charge and get to see how a company works from the inside.

This year, we asked our Bosses of Tomorrow to advise us on equal opportunities in the workplace. What could we change to make everyone feel at home at our firm? And what ground rules could help us promote equal opportunities? After they were given a tour, Charley, Azra and Renouska asked our colleagues a ton of questions. At the end of the day, they presented their advice to the members of our Inclusion & Diversity Committee. According to the students, it is important that you hear that everyone is welcome during your job interview, and that it is made clear that everyone at the firm is equally important. This can be done, for example, by regularly organising all office events.

Their curiosity and brightness were inspiring, and their questions helped us to change perspectives on the things we do
Partner Petra Zijp

"Charley, Azra and Renouska's drive and energy really shone through," says Petra. "It was not only fun to have these girls around for a day, but we also learned a lot from them. Their curiosity and brightness were inspiring, and their questions helped us to change perspectives on the things we do. We'll get to work on their recommendations!" 

About JINC and the Boss of Tomorrow

JINC strives for a society in which a child's background does not determine their future and in which every child gets a fair chance. In order to reach that goal, they help young people between the ages of eight and sixteen get a good start in the labour market. They do this by introducing children to all kinds of professions and companies, letting them discover which work suits their talents and teaching them how to apply for a job.

One of the ways JINC introduces children to companies is the annual "Boss of Tomorrow" event. During this event, over 550 children experience what it is like to be the boss. In addition to the managing partner of NautaDutilh, 450 other CEOs, directors and politicians will let children from primary and secondary schools take over their seat at the table. During this 'one day internship' the children see from the inside how a company works, and the Dutch bosses of today receive advice from the bosses of tomorrow.

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