In our second DORA blog, we discuss an important first step towards compliance: the mapping and classification of ICT services for financial institutions.

All new and existing contractual arrangements with third-party ICT service providers have to be DORA-compliant from 17 January 2025. Requirements relating to the management of third-party ICT risk range from the implementation of third-party ICT risk strategies to ensuring that ICT contracts contain the required provisions set out in DORA, to maintaining a register of third-party ICT service providers. Additional requirements apply to ICT services that support critical and important functions of the financial institution, and to subcontracting for such services.

Flowchart: step one towards managing ICT third-party risk under DORA
"An important first step towards compliance is the mapping and subsequent classification of arrangements with third-party ICT service providers", says financial law partner Sven Uiterwijk. Our team has developed a flowchart to provide guidance on how to determine whether a (proposed) arrangement with a third-party ICT service provider is subject to third party risk requirements set out in DORA and whether the arrangement supports critical and important functions of the financial entity.

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